Project Overview

Virtual Classroom-Overview

This goal of this project is to use a wiki as a tool for collaboration among students living in different regions of the United States. Students will participate in one activity per month designed to bring real-world perspective and personal experiences to the learning. The tech activities are designed to expose students and teachers to small pieces of technology in order to help them develop a tech toolkit of resources to use. The study of Regions of the Unites States will definitely come alive!

Here is an outline of activities per month. In addition, students will participate in ongoing discussion through the wiki.

January: "Getting to Know You"
The activity this month will focus on Internet Safety, a mapping activity and learning to use the wiki. They will get to know each other primarily through the discussion forum.

February - "Images"
Students will collaboratively build photo galleries for each of the regions. They will share photos from Flicker Creative Commons, as well as personal photos. Comments with more information will be an essential part of the photo galleries. Opportunities for discussion will continue.

March - "LifeStyles"
Students will collect information about each region through a series of focused small activities geared towards developing an understanding of living and working in each geographical region. Students will generate their own questions and they will share the workload in terms of answering questions and contributing to the wiki. Creative writing and presenting information using multiple modes will be emphasized. (i.e. not just writing)

April - "Conversations, Live and WorldWide"
Students will contribute to a VoiceThread, or online conversation, during this month.

May - "Culminating Activity"
Students will work collaboratively to create an advertisement for visiting the region. Ideas include a Video, Podcast, Online Multi-Media Poster, and more.