March: Learning About Lifestyles

Students will collect information about each region through a poll geared towards developing an understanding of living and working in each geographical region. After an overview of using surveys to collect information, they will choose their surveying tool, conduct the poll then publish the results on a wiki page. Results will be displayed using graphs and text.

Ongoing Activity and Contest: Open 24/7: 100 Facts About a Region:

A fact is pretty easy to find when you have access to the Internet, but what about 100 facts? Starting on March 2nd, we will begin a contest to which class can contribute the most facts about each of the Regions of the United States.At the end of each week, we will determine which student has contributed the most facts. What's the prize? The winning student gets the opportunity to create a talking avatar, known as a voki, and publish a message on the home page of the wiki for all to see. At the end of the contest, we will determine which class has contributed the most facts and award them a chance in the spotlight.

Get Started Now: 100 Facts About a Region

March Whole Class Activity: Collecting Information About Lifestyles.

a really quick activity
This month we are scheduled to collect information about lifestyles, but there is always too much to do within the school day and I know the photo galleries will take up some time in March. For this reason, we will collect information through surveys, but the activities related to creating your own survey are optional. If your class would like to create a survey of your own, that's fantastic. If you don't have time, all you have to do is brainstorm a good question and fill out the form in step 3. I will publish the survey as a Quick Question of the Day and publish the results for you.

Step 1: Short Presentation: Collecting Information About LifeStyles

Step 2: As a class, decide on a survey question and tool.

Step 3: Create your survey and publish it OR complete the form to send me your survey question and I will post it as a Question of the Day. Do what works for you.

Step 4: When the poll closes, the results will be published on this survey.